We are Cygnificans 

Cygnifican, that's the name you get once you’re part of our family. A larger-than-life and lovely team. With nearly 2,000 Cygnificans, we represent more than 30 nationalities. What sets us apart from the rest? We bring 24/7 service with a genuine smile, but that’s not the only thing that defines us. We are a fun, smart and colourful bunch. We embody diversity and socially open-mindedness that comes from our (cultural) differences. We work hard and play hard. And most of us love to travel and explore the world! With our diverse personalities, we add that unique and personal ‘Cygnific Touch’ to the customer experience and help customers on a delightful journey.

A woman and man watching another woman in white playing pool

Our people define who we are.
So, let's meet some of our Cygnificans. 

Blond white woman on a work phone call

Irene – Customer Service Agent

“I like the many nationalities within Cygnific. We are all different, but at the same time we have so much in common.”

A colleague looking at a Rituals product behind a desk

Nilson – Customer Service Agent 

“What I like most about Cygnific is that we can be ourselves and we can show our best version to provide services to our customers." 

Brown woman looking at a screen while wearing a headset with her hands in one of her ears

Daniëlle - Team Lead 

“What I like most about Cygnific is the international atmosphere and the diverse workplace.”

Two women seated on a pink sofa chatting with a third woman sitting by the window

Our work environment

Our fun, open and vibrant family reflects in a work environment with lots of energy and room for learning and personal growth. We've adopted a hybrid way of working, so we can work from one of our seven international offices and in the comfort of our homes. Or we set up our laptops from any place around the world with our Working from Abroad arrangement. 

At Cygnific, we care for both our customers and our colleagues. To the latter, we offer career development programmes, creating true professionals. We encourage each other to add a personal touch to each customer conversation. Of course, we’re dedicated to finding the best possible solution in each situation, creating a win-win-win situation for Cygnificans, customers and clients. 

We are a learning organisation with a safe and inspiring atmosphere to stimulate innovation and ambition. We encourage diversity on all different levels and cherish the many talents that come with it – all to stimulate our Cygnificans to fly high. Are your ambitions sky-high? Great! Even if you’re not looking for customer support, we also offer great career opportunities in our operations and other support departments like HRM and ICT.  

Our people define who we are.
So, let's meet some of our Cygnificans. 

Man wearing a pair of brown glasses and a stripped shirt

Alessio – Traffic Controller 

“Cygnific is a great company to work for, international, with a lot of opportunities to grow and travel.”

Blond man with a headset looking at laptop

Arie – Team Lead 

“Cygnific's vision is to be the most personal contact centre. I really do think that this sets us apart from the rest. Cygnific is personal towards our clients, customers and colleagues."

Smiling blond woman working behind a desk

Dilara – Flying Blue Coordinator

“I believe the quality and the genuine service at heart that we offer really distinguishes us from other Sales & Service Centres."