Premium customer experience

Building an engaging customer journey is what we’re good at. What do we do to ensure our customers enjoy a premium and personalised customer experience or so-called CX? Many things, but let’s have a look at a few key aspects: 

  • We always focus on high-quality service  
  • We embrace change and continuous improvement
  • We empower our colleagues 
  • We engage with a ‘Cygnific Touch’
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Lean Six Sigma improves the customer journey

Being ambitious is not enough for us; continuous improvement can only be achieved by continuous effort. Therefore, we adopted the Lean Six Sigma approach - a combination of two methods. Lean is about eliminating anything and everything that does not add value from the perspective of our customers. This improves the efficiency of our processes. Six Sigma focuses on identifying and improving those aspects of our service where we fail to meet the customer's expectations for quality. This sounds like a perfect combination, right? The best thing about Lean Six Sigma is the results that benefit us and especially our clients and customers: 

  • We save time as our processes become more efficient 
  • We increase the quality of our service 
  • We create customer delighters (things that go beyond what a customer would expect)

In our open learning environment, we make sure every Cygnifican gets a taste of Lean Six Sigma: 

  • We offer training to all Cygnificans 
  • We involve all layers of our company in process improvement projects to get input and feedback 
  • We learn from each other by checking out different departmental projects and making sure we exchange knowledge. 

The solutions we create are the results of our joint efforts. Together we develop new concepts and services that we pilot before we go live on a company-wide scale. In 2015 we showed our innovativeness by setting up a special phone line for KLM’s most frequent passengers (check the full story here). This is an excellent example of our way of working, discovering places no one had ever been before.

Empowered Agents

Empowered Customer service heroes make happy customers. They think out of the box and offer customer delighters on the spot. Think about discounts or free products without having to involve another person for approval, a personally written card to say ‘thank you’ to one of your loyal customers or a message to the crew of a KLM flight to make that honeymoon extra special with a glass of champagne.  

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True customer engagement with a ‘Cygnific Touch’

At Cygnific, we don’t use scripts. Honestly, we don’t! Why? Because we want our customer conversations to be close to whom we are, showing trust, ownership and empathy. Without a script's distraction and restriction, you create space to make a real connection.  And you probably agree with us, you can hear it when your call is handled from a scripted point A to Z. 

For us, every dialogue is a new opportunity to build a personal relationship. This results in loyalty and trust between customer and brand. And that's what we aim for every single time!