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Customer Journey experience has been in our DNA for over 20 years and we are strong in hospitality, services, sales & social media. Daring to be different, we have leveraged the Lean Six Sigma methodology to transform our cost-based Contact Centre to a Value Centre. This means that we focus on high quality service and a first contact resolution. We represent your brand and we engage on your behalf, offering 24/7 Omni-Channel Customer Service Solutions worldwide, in 18 languages. In addition, we take an advisory role to improve and optimise your processes, redesigning your Customer Journey, so we learn and grow together.


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We are motivated. We are agile. We are among the best and improving. We support you at the highest level in the key areas of sales and customer service. Read more about our areas of expertise.

In the digital era we live in, customers are more and more self-supporting. Connecting to them, teasing them, informing them and involving them in your brand experience via Social Media with a personal touch is therefore essential. We are an award winning team that exactly knows which social buttons to push. We help our clients all the way in reaching their goals with both strategic advice and content creation.

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Lean Six Sigma leads to continuous improvement. Since the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in our business we are able to eliminate waste from our processes and empower our people. The results: overall agility, smooth processes and highly motivated employees. Lean Six Sigma allows us to maintain a permanent focus on quality and efficiency.

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We have a passion for premium. We take your customers all the way. We engage with them, we listen and act, by helping them to choose, informing them and solving their problems. When even remotely possible: instantly. By making use of an omni-channel of services we let your customers undergo a sky-high value brand experience. Cygnific: your one-stop shop with a one-call resolution.

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Highly appreciated services of great quality increase brand loyalty. That is why we consider High Value Customer Service as a very important part of our proposition. From Standard to Premium, we know for every industry how to create effective customized service programs. We go through great lengths and beyond borders to bond customers to our brands.

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Taking Customer Service to a next level!

  • "With the largest social media organisation in the world, social media is a fundamental channel for us. We are turning social into the third entry point for our customers next to and the KLM app, as we believe that they should be able to perform all activities on social as well. Social media service volumes grow rapidly and Cygnific makes a significant difference to our business by providing flexibility and excellent quality of service while still handling these increasing volumes."

    Robertjan Groeneveld, Manager Social Media Hub at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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