What is lean six sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which originated from Motorola in the US and Toyota in Japan. It is a combination of two methods: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean focusses on eliminating waste and improving processes efficiency in order to create more value for the customer. Six Sigma focusses on Quality and strives to eliminate defects and reduce processes’ variation by effectively solving problems. A perfect combination, right? The best thing is that it creates time and quality, both are of great value for our customers!


To improve processes, to reduce costs and to create delighters for your customers, we need the commitment of everyone. For this reason it is important that our employees understand the methodology because it reveals our continuous improvement DNA. That is why we offer Lean Six Sigma trainings to our employees:


  • Introduction day to Lean: creates Lean principles awareness and explain why we chose for this methodology
  • Orange belt: focusses on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) problem solving approach and the tools
  • Green belt: focusses on the DMAIC problem solving approach, the tools and Lean principles application where you go more in depth on analysis and data.
  • Black belt: gets deeper knowledge on data analysis and change management.
  • Master Black belt: a black belt with at least two years of experience. Develop change programs and teaches Lean Six Sigma.

In each department orange belts and green belts are present to lead and/or support improvement initiatives. Lean Six Sigma is all about involving the employees to improve their processes and quality and therefore Cygnific’s performances. Who can do this better than they can? This is why we have the employees working on continuous improvement; let it be on A3 improvements projects (smaller improvements via the company improvement template) for their own department or during Kaizen events (“change for the better” in Japanese) where they will, together with other departments, solve a common problem using the DMAIC approach in 5-7 days. Using this “pressure cooker” approach brings up focus and energy to obtain optimal results.


The (master) Black Belts design the change programs so the company reaches its goals and support the departments in their continuous improvement embedment.   


At Cygnific, improvement is the concern of all!

lean six sigma & Cygnific

If there is one thing that accounts for our outstanding quality and the high level of satisfaction of our clients, it is our unceasing emphasis on improvement and agility.

We managed to realise durable improvement by implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology in our business operations. Lean Six Sigma enables us to reduce process waste and at the same time improve the quality of these processes and the quality of our people. One of the crucial success factors in this approach is the empowerment of our agents. By supporting and offering them a variety of tools we enable them to represent our clients in the best possible way, use the right tone of voice, show empathy and commitment and help our clients customers spot on!

Proud of participating in the Lean Awards and widely regarded as an example for other companies that are interested in Lean Six Sigma, we keep on improving ourselves. Looking back at the goals we have already achieved, we can truly say we are doing well. Very well. We are growing in the right direction!

lean six sigma tour

Together with UNC Plus Delta we organise Lean Six Sigma tours. During this tour you will learn about our journey from cost to value centre and we will visit the GEMBA, the frontline where the action is. Here our agents are in contact with the customers, so you get the real life Lean Six Sigma experience. Interested in a tour? Get more information here.