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Okay, here is why you should pack your bags instantly, be bold and take the first plane, train or bus and head for Cygnific. Working at Cygnific is great! Not only will you be part of a big, energetic and dynamic family with more than 1,000 mostly young professionals from all around Europe, you will also be working for a variety of brands from different fields. And there is one that will certainly appeal to you: the international airline and travel industry. Welcome to the world, welcome to Cygnific!

Our Culture

At Cygnific everything we do is focused on our clients’ needs and on quality. Continuous improvement, that is what it is about (check the Lean Six Sigma chapter).


As a future agent you will play an important role. You see, we have an ambition: we want to be the best sales and service centre in the world.


One important part of our strategy to reach that goal is improving our service by empowering our agents. This means that our whole organisation is tailored around you and your work. Yes, you are at the centre of things. With all the support, responsibilities and training you get from us, you will be fully equipped to represent our clients spot on and have the knowledge and empathy to help our clients customers to meet their needs. Be prepared to be one of the best!


Our Training

To ensure a perfect start, you will receive an intensive initial training. During this period our New Hires Coordinator will guide you through your first exciting weeks while our colleagues from the Training Department teach you all the essential skills you need. As mentioned, Cygnific is all about improvement, which means that we will continue to offer you training and courses that help you to grow and excel throughout your career.

People Vision

As we have mentioned before, working at Cygnific is very nice! Each Cygnifican is a key player in realising our achievements. We have a People Vision to inspire our employees to go the extra mile, helping our customers on a delightful journey. We also like to give them guidance on how teamwork and individual development helps our Customer, colleagues and the employee satisfied. Curious? Download the booklet below!

Download: Cygnific People Vision

Our atmosphere

First thing you will notice when you visit us is the open minded, eager-to-learn atmosphere, created by more than 1,000 enthusiastic people, speaking eighteen different languages. How cool is that! Don’t worry, everyone speaks English, so if you don’t meet a compatriot on your first day, there is always someone around to talk to. For instance at one of the many social events we organise or at the facilities we have created to relax and meet peers. We think that quality can only be achieved by happy people. That is why we do everything within our reach to create a good working atmosphere and a vibe that makes you feel happy!

Our working hours

We are an international, 24/7 operating company, which means that you are expected to be flexible. Depending on the department you will be working at, either office hours or irregular hours may apply. Find out more about the specifics per department here. Within the opening hours of the department, you will be scheduled for 8,5 hour shifts.

Our people

Curious about who is working at Cygnific and who might be your new colleagues? Click away and discover what some of them have to say about Cygnific!


Agent, Platinum Service Line, Business to Consumer

“A good friend of mine recently started at Cygnific! I told him that Cygnific is a young and dynamic company with a lot of really nice people and that there are flexible rosters, so that you can set up and adjust your own schedule. My friend really enjoys it so far, so I’ll certainly keep on recommending Cygnific to my friends!”


Operations Manager, Flying Blue

“What I like most about my job: the people. We are a team, we work together to achieve our common goal, while having fun as well. I also like the variety this job brings, the responsibilities that I have, the challenges that this job gives me and the multicultural environment that I work in. In the past few years, there’s been a change at Cygnific: Lean Six Sigma was implemented further and further into our daily operations. This method made me change the way I face problems: I’ve always been focused on the solution, but now, I take the time to really look at what’s causing the problem. At Flying Blue, we spend a lot of time on improvements, where the Team Leads challenge each other in order to improve our ways. Lean Six Sigma also enables me, as a manager, to stand very close to the operation and I really like that.”


Agent, Business to Consumers

“I studied law and worked as a company secretary and lawyer for twelve years, until I had enough and started travelling. I first travelled to India and Nepal and ended up in Sweden, where I stayed for sixteen beautiful years. In Sweden, I worked at a touring bus company as a bus driver and I continued that work when I moved back to The Netherlands a few years ago. Someone told me about this job fair in Amsterdam, where they looked for employees who could speak Swedish. At that fair, I found Cygnific. In December 2014, I applied as a Customer Service Representative for B2C Nordics and when I got the news that I was hired, I almost got emotional. Cygnific immediately felt like home to me: it is an international environment where people support each other, in work and privately. Last year, I got a permanent contract, which is really rare for someone my age, so I was over the moon!”


Senior Agent, Business to Trade

“One of the best things about my role as a Senior is the floor walking. I love doing that and helping my colleagues. I also love working with languages. When I started, my Spanish was not that good, but now I am practically fluent which is very nice.”


Senior Agent, Customised Services & Care

“In my function at Special Reservations we accept and deny requests for pets, wheelchair assistance and special baggage. Next to that we inform passengers about different aspects of their booking, such as schedule changes or Denied Boarding Compensation at the Customer Service Desk.”


Project Manager, Business Development

“I started at the Enschede office in 2007 on a temporary assignment. After that there was an opening for a fixed agent position at the German department at B2C and B2T, also in Enschede. After three years I took the role of Mentor which I did for five years. In 2015 I started working at the Amsterdam office where I now work as a Project Manager at Business Development. Before Cygnific, I worked at various call centres while studying. I have a Master’s degree in Social Risks and Safety Studies.”


Senior Agent, Social Media

“In my job I like the diversity and the challenges that it brings. It’s a challenge to turn someone’s negative experience into a positive one and to do everything I can to make a journey as pleasant as possible. I also like the irregular hours: as we work in a rotation roster, you can plan ahead and if a shift doesn’t suit your plans, you can always request to swap your shift with a colleague. This way, I feel like I have full control over my working hours and that’s the best!”


Agent, Business to Trade

“After being in the Swedish Air Force for two years, I worked in several warehouses. My sister in law works at the B2C department and she told me of an opening at B2T. As my girlfriend and I were ready for a new adventure and this job sounded very interesting, I applied and after a few (online) tests and Skype interviews, I got the good news! We moved here last summer and my first day was on the 5th of August 2016. I had never worked in a call centre before, but it really surprised me!”


Agent, Business to Consumer

“What I especially like about my job are the conversations that I have. A passenger can be angry at the beginning of the call and happy when he hangs up because I helped. You get to speak to people from different countries and get to know a bit about their culture. I also really like the technical part and making new bookings or change bookings in the system.”


Senior Agent, Platinum Service Line, Business to Consumer

“I would really recommend Cygnific to my friends, apart from being a young and dynamic company, it is one of the best call and service centres around the world. It is a company that is not just sitting and waiting for the future but a company that is ahead of the future and always looks forward.”


Agent, Business to Trade

“The unique selling point is that the environment is international which gives you a massive open mind on everything. You will get to know a lot of people from all these different backgrounds from places all over the world. They can have different views from yours which helps you grow as a person as you learn to see things from a different perspective.”


Senior Agent, Social Media

“As a Social Media agent, I assist passengers by answering any questions they have about their bookings via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Chat function on the KLM website. I help them to buy tickets, change their flights and I provide assistance when there are flight disruptions or cancellations. In addition, I also assist other KLM Social Media departments in Dubai and Manila by answering their questions via e-mail and I coach new hires during their first days on the floor.”


Senior Agent, Business to Groups

“I have been working for B2G since September 2015 and I handle the Greek, Turkish and Israeli market as I was born in Greece and also speak Turkish. I studied Information Management and went to Belgium on a scholarship. After returning to Greece I was looking for something new and wanted to see what else was out there. I found Cygnific and sent my CV and was contacted and here I am.”


Team Lead, Training & Development

“As an expat language can be a big barrier but at an international company like Cygnific you do not feel that at all. I feel very at home here. It is a company with a Dutch heart but with many nationalities and that gives it a lot of variety. Cygnific also is a very ‘new age’ company that is driven to improve. It is with the times and wants to adapt to the changing times.”


Agent, Business to Groups

“I have now been working at Cygnific since April 2011, a job that suits my interest because I studied Tourism. I worked at this company in the late 90’s as well, as a Customer Service Representative. I worked there for almost two years and then we moved back to Spain again. When I came back to Amsterdam in 2010 I just knocked on the door again and they took me in. I started at B2T and I stayed there until a vacancy at B2G became available.”


Agent, Flying Blue

“As a Customer Service Agent for Flying Blue, I answer all questions Flying Blue members might have. Questions about baggage, flights, earning and using Flying Blue miles and other details about the Flying Blue programme. We answer passengers on the phone and via e-mail, from 8:00 to 21:00. I like that I can select my own shift preferences, as I like to work the evening shifts.”


New Hire Coordinator, HRM

“Since about seven years, I work as the New Hires Coordinator at the HRM department. It’s a real backstage job: I make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everything that we promise on paper is actually there. My goal is to make a new hire’s start as tailor made as possible: what are their needs? If a new group is in training, I usually sit in a couple of days and keep in close contact with the trainer. After every training, we collect as much feedback as possible (from trainers and trainees), that we use to prepare the next training on the same subject. We are continuously improving the trainings, so every training should be better than the last one.”


Team Lead, Business to Consumer

“What I like most is the atmosphere at Cygnific: we work with people from around the world and we can all learn a lot from each other. I am a helper: I like to be there for the customer, whether it’s Air France, KLM or their passengers. I always had a ‘service-minded’ personality, which is very important to what we’re doing and which makes me really like my job. 
Cygnific is working with Lean Six Sigma, which you can feel, as they are always looking for improvements. If you’re a creative person, it is always an option to participate in a project and to learn different aspects of your job. I never studied Tourism, but the training department here at Cygnific is very good. You can see that there’s a lot of knowledge in the building!”


Operational Manager, Social Media

“My name is Anna and I am from Sweden. I moved to Amsterdam because I fell in love with the city and the people during an internship. Besides my wonderful job, I like to cook, read a good book or go to the theatre. I also really like music. From a small concert in Paradiso to a big festival. On top of that I like to go to the gym and hang out with my friends.”


Team Lead, Business to Trade

“My name is Maryam and I’m 29 years old. In 1998, I moved to The Netherlands and I currently live in The Hague. I studied at the Aviation college in Hoofddorp and was working for KLM at Schiphol (in the Business Class lounge, at check-in and at the gate), when I heard about Cygnific from a colleague. With a lot of doubt I started at Cygnific in 2014, It was hard to leave the airport life and the blue uniform but it turned out to be the best decision I made. Within a year I joined the Training & Development team and became a Floater Trainer. After being part of B2C as an agent and Floating Trainer, Cygnific gave me another opportunity: to become a Team Lead for an awesome B2T team.”

Working in the Netherlands

Amsterdam and Enschede… windmills, canals, bikes, stroopwafels. Need we say more? Yes, we do. In the Netherlands things are very well organised. But as we all know: organisation creates obligation. The boxes below contain all the information you need to know before you can start working in the Netherlands. Where we can we gladly offer our help. So read it with care and should you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do I need to work in the Netherlands?

Let’s start with the most essential: you may need a working permit. As soon as you have a permit, you’re ready for the next steps: acquiring a social security number, a Dutch bank account and a Dutch health insurance. And of course, you will have to find a place to live. Quite a lot to think about, isn’t it? To help you on your way, here’s a few guidelines to make sure everything will be taken care of.

How do I get a work permit?

To work at Cygnific, you might need a work permit. To find out whether this is required and how to obtain it, take a peek here.

How do I acquire a social security number?

When joining the Cygnific family from abroad, you need to register within 5 days after arrival at a City Hall in or city where you will be residing. You need to make an appointment to make sure you’ll be issued with a social security number (Dutch abbreviation: BSN). Find out more about this procedure here.

How do I get a Dutch health insurance?

When working in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have a Dutch health insurance, even if you already have an insurance abroad. There are lots of insurance companies to choose from, so where to start? Good to know is that we have arranged favourable conditions for Cygnificans with two insurance companies. We’ll gladly fill you in on all the details! More information on arranging your health insurance can also be found here.

How do I get a Dutch bank account?

To apply for a Dutch health insurance, a Dutch bank account is required. For more information about how to obtain one, you can click here. Note: to open a Dutch bank account, you need to have a postal address in the Netherlands.

Where do I find a place to live?

Amsterdam has a lot to offer and therefore attracts many people from all over the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Inherently, housing can be quite a challenge. If you don’t know where to start, helpful sites to be prepared before moving are Expatica and Iamsterdam. Note that it might be easier to find something in the towns around Amsterdam. Struggling to find something right away? The WOW hostel might be a temporary solution for you.

Recruitment process

Interested in starting a career at Cygnific? Here’s what you need to know about our recruitment process. If you’re pursuing a career in one of our customer service positions, we’d like to give you an impression of what working at Cygnific looks like. Through our interactive recruitment tool, you can experience a day at work, while at the same time rounding up key elements of your application already. Just click the ‘Apply now’ button in the vacancy of your interest and start exploring the wondrous world called Cygnific! We’ll then get in touch with you to update you on your application. For support positions, you can send in your motivation and resume via the ‘Apply now’ button. We’ll then follow up on your application as soon as we can. In all cases, a KLM security screening is part of our recruitment process.