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One climb at a time for Alpe d’HuZes

Making the world better one step at a time – or better to say in Marc’s case: one climb at a time, and as many times as you can – is a great goal. As a customer experience centre people are of great importance to Cygnific. Our mission states ‘We help customers on a delightful journey’, therefore we can only embrace Marc Brunekreef who accepted the challenge this year for the sixth time to raise money for the foundation Alpe d’HuZes.

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7 years of social: a peek into the kitchen of KLM Cygnific

On Tuesday the 18th of April, a group of experts gathered at Cygnific Amsterdam for the KSF Expert session on Social Service: 7 years of social at KLM. The airline is known for its web care and in the past few years, KLM has made some very big steps in the development of their web care; they are considered a very advanced and innovative organisation in this area. Nick van Straten and Diego Anriquez from Cygnific guided us along the journey they have been on for the last 7 years, during which web care has acquired an important role within their organisation.

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Kees Hoekstra, a man on a special mission!

Kees Hoekstra, who works at Customised Services and Care at Cygnific has set up a project to raise awareness about travelling for adults and children with autism. As a father to an autistic daughter, he wants to help other families improve their travel experience or perhaps even go on their first trip. His wife, Wayan and daughters, Nora (15) Christy (11), have plenty of experience to share as they travel to Bali every year, where his wife originally is from.

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Air Miles; all hands on deck!

After celebrating securing our first non-airline, it was time to start planning, making sure that Cygnific can start with the activities of its first customer outside Air France – KLM, Air Miles! Cygnific will perform the customer service for Air Miles via phone, email, chat and social media as of the 1st of April 2017. This means that the necessary arrangements need to be made within Cygnific in order to ensure a smooth start to these new activities.

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